Food Delivery in Cape Town

What has become a rather saturated market, the rise of food delivery services in Cape Town hasn’t slowed down. There is a platform for fair competition and representation across the city, which is why each company offers a unique selling proposition.

Flexible Service

At The Chef’s Bag, our service offering extends to both cooked meals and dinner kits. With our experience in the industry, we’ve found that sometimes people prefer having their meals cooked for them, especially families of three or larger. There are also households where there is a need for convenience however, cooking is viewed as an enjoyable, relaxing experience. So we decided to create a service that caters to both dynamics!

Your Foodie Home

We aim to provide more than just a service. We want to be the go-to hub for the food and catering industry in the city. Consumers can look to us for cooking advice, service reviews, tips in the kitchen, nutrition guidance and more.

Let us be your household name of choice – The Chef’s Bag is here to give you an easier lifestyle.