Important Company Update

At The Chef’s Bag, we pride ourselves on providing fresh, quality meals at affordable prices and will endeavor to uphold this standard regardless of external circumstances. There are however factors out of our control and we, unfortunately, cannot absorb. Operating a business during the Covid-19 pandemic has come with its own set of worries let alone the after-effects. We understand that the below announcements may have an impact on your loyalty to us as a brand, but we must be realistic in terms of our offering.

Price Increase

The economic climate has shifted drastically over the span of 2 years, and as you know The Chef’s Bag has not had a price increase since its inception. Starting in the new year, 10 January 2022, we are increasing our prices from as little as R 20 per week to account for the rising costs of farmed produce, dry goods, and more recently, petrol. Our costing includes delivery, which is a large expense, and we cannot avoid the continuous hike in petrol prices any longer.

Return of Friday Orders and Vegetarian/Plant-based Meals

We will start the year by offering a Friday ordering option again as hundreds of customers have reached out regarding this as well as the vegetarian menu option. We are pleased to offer this option again and will re-assess its viability over the next few months.

We are saddened to bring this year to a close but the rest and reflection in much needed after a tough 2020/2021 season. Over the festive break, we’ll be working on strategic plans to ensure we offer you and even better service in the new year ahead! We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Kind regards

The Chef’s Bag Team

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